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Same Day Certification Approvals

Same Day Marijuana Card Approvals.

MI medical cannabis card is sent via email

Michigan Medical Card FAQ's

How to get a medical card in Michigan

  • You must be at least 18 years old without parental consent.
  • Be a Michigan resident.
  • Have a qualifying medical condition.
  • Get evaluated and certified by a licensed Michigan Doctor
  • Have a state or federal ID
  • Apply to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP)
  • Pay the state application fee

What medical conditions qualify in Michigan?

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How quickly do I get my medical card?

Full-Service Expedited Medical Card (Without a caregiver):

  • Same day. Within an hour of consulting one of our doctors, you will receive an email with your temporary license that allows you to purchase cannabis immediately at any MI state-approved dispensary.
  • Physical card arrives within 7-10 business days.

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Why should I have a medical card in Michigan?

  • Saves you $$$ (Medical card holders not subject 10% Excise tax)
  • Save $$$ on products. Better pricing for medical patients)
  • Ability to Grow  Marijuana. 
  • Lower Age Restrictions. 18 years for medical patients vs 21 for recreational adult users.
  • Access to Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensaries. …
  • Stronger Potency Than Recreational.
  • Stronger Legal Protection. 
  • Traveling Out-of-State Is Easier.


Can I see a marijuana doctor virtually online "AKA" telemedicine?

  • YES!

    We offer telemedicine consultations statewide for your safety and convenience. See the doctor and get certified for your med card in 15 minutes from the comfort of wherever you are! 

How much does it cost to get a Medical Card?

Full-Service Expedited Medical Card- 

  • New patient- $159
  • Renewal- $159
  • Minors – $100 per consultation. Michigan law requires minors to be certified by 2 different doctors for approval. (please call with any questions)
  • Veterans discount- $15 off New patient Price & $10 off renewal

Pricing includes doctor consultation, state fee, and the filing fee for a same-day card. Check out the benefits of having a medical card.

How long is my Medical Card valid why should I renew it?

  • It’s valid for 2 years. 
  • Learn more about Renewing your medical marijuana card.

How long will the appointment take?

  • Approximately 15 minutes

Worry-free same day medical marijuana card. Only Pay if you qualify

Why choose Greenlight Cannabis Doctors?

Cannabis card certification made simple. Dedicated to getting you certified and approved ASAP.

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MMJ Certification Michigan

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#1 Medical Card Certification Clinic ​in Michigan

At Greenlight Wellness, we understand the medical benefits of marijuana and how it can help manage of a wide range of physical and mental health issues. We are the leading medical cannabis clinic located in Grand Blanc, MI serving Detroit, and ALL Michigan residents statewide. We have developed a streamlined approach to obtaining your required medical card that makes the patient journey seamless.

Your patient journey for obtaining a medical marijuana card can be completed easily with just three easy steps and you can get certified for your medical cannabis card from your home or office.

  • Step Two: Complete our online patient intake form from any device.
  • Step Three:  Our medical staff will call you at your appointment time  taking care of the state application, answering any questions, and will connect you with the Doctor  for a quick consultation.  A medical card appointment takes about 15 minutes and the doctor will provide guidance and information so that all your questions about medical cannabis cards and medical marijuana use are addressed.
  • Get approved by one of our physicians and get a temporary license in your email account within an hour. Once you have your temporary license, you may now legally enter a medical dispensary.

The  Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was approved in 2008 by the voters of Michigan and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) which is a state registry program was formed. The MMMP is run by an agency within the state called “Cannabis Regulatory Agency”. 

The MMMP determines the medical and psychological conditions that qualify a patient for a medical card in MI.  The aim is to provide relief for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, PTSD, and other debilitating medical conditions.

Our experienced doctors will review your medical history and determine if you meet the requirements for medical marijuana online.

Once this process is complete and you are approved, you will receive an email with a temporary medical card within the hour. The actual card arrives by mail in about ten business days, but you can purchase medical marijuana online with the temporary card and get it delivered if you prefer not driving to the dispensary.

Greenlight Wellness and our medical marijuana doctors in Detroit make it easy for patients to obtain their medical cannabis card. The medical card helps qualifying medical marijuana patients access medical dispensaries, save money on orders, and enjoy the legal protection of having the medical cannabis card. We also provide follow-up appointments when necessary, and our MMJ doctors are here to answer questions and help you choose the right medical marijuana formulations and strains to address your health and wellness goals. We treat thousands of patients in Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding communities.

If you want your medical card so that you can access medical marijuana in Detroit, Michigan, you can count on the team at Greenlight Wellness.
To find out more call us today at 877.420.5420.

Greenlight Wellness is the “go-to” place for marijuana cards in Michigan.

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James Reynolds
The persons or people at Greenlight Wellness are very professional 👌 and polite. Big Ups!
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Lyndon Rickards
All good so far. Nadia is a Nice Person
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Natalia Brandlin
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Paula Wolf
Working with Greenlight Wellness was so easy! When you call, they set everything up for you. They call you the day of your appointment, and send the link so all you have to do is press 1 button letting them know you are ready, and you are placed in the “waiting room” until the doctor comes. The doctor was very nice and offered great advice for my medical situation. The whole process took maybe 15 minutes! I will definitely use this service again! I I would recommend Greenlight Wellness to anyone who needs help obtaining a medical card! (And shout out to Katie, their receptionist, who was very kind and patient, and answered a ton of questions for me in the first phone call!)
Debbie Parker
Debbie Parker
They made it very simple to renew my medical marijuana card. It was easy to do the tele-health doctor’s appointment and all of it went very smoothly.
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Annette Stephenson
Very sweet staff doc is wonderful found out what works for me thank you
Absolutely amazing and easy experience! Thank you!