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The Cannabis Nurse Team

Our Cannabis Nurse team is a group of compassionate and dedicated nurses who have been providing holistic education consistent with their purpose specializing in medical marijuana and cannabinoid support for decades. They bring this experience alongside the joy that comes from helping others achieve wellness goals while also ensuring your safe cannabis consumption during treatments they conduct through patient consultations. One of the main focal points is how best to use cannabis according to your lifestyle and needs as well.

The initial visit includes a 30-minute consultation that will offer guidance on nutrition and life circumstances as well as whether or not people should be taking anything else besides the cannabis medicines that Greenlight Wellness marijuana doctors recommend (which will vary from patient to patient.) Follow-up visits can be between 15-30 minute intervals as needed until titration and dosing are at the optimal amounts to address the patient’s symptoms. They will provide you with a number of valuable resources about your cannabis consumption and medical condition(s). 

The Cannabis Nurse Team is a group of certified nurses and hospice care providers with extensive training that advocate and work together to educate patients about medicinal marijuana. They work directly with our marijuana doctors and place an emphasis on putting patients first while incorporating energy healing and wellness. They have cared for 10’s thousands of patients whose lives were positively impacted by cannabis, so they have seen the positive results of this miracle drug! The team also includes a nurse who was recently awarded and named “Hospices Medical Professional Of The Year” by Americans for Safe Access (ASA)- America’s biggest organization dedicated to safe access To Medicine. She actually “spearheads” the team that offers a cannabis education curriculum to Hospice of Michigan which includes providing healthcare providers and staff continuing education credits and certification in cannabis education.

Our cannabis nurses will go over 10 Things To Avoid If You Are Using Medical Marijuana and if you are interested in how to become a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan they will address that too. 

We offer this service as a compliment to obtaining a medical marijuana card once approved by a marijuana doctor as continuity of care.

*The consultation sessions offered by Cannabis Nurses are not meant to substitute medical advice.

Cannabis Nurse Team

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