Follow Up Visits

Follow Up Appointments

MI Marijuana Cards are valid 2 years from the approval date.

MMJ certifications

Once approved you will be legal Michigan medical marijuana card.


What is Bona Fide Physician-Patient Relationship?

Criteria for establishing a bona fide physician patient relationship

  • Evaluate the patient in person, review their relevant medical records, and complete an appropriate examination.
  • Create and maintain a medical record that demonstrates the patients qualifying condition.
  • Offer to notify the patient’s primary care doctor.
  • Make a reasonable effort to follow up with their patients to evaluate the efficacy of their medical marijuana treatment.


After you see our cannabis doctor for a medical marijuana evaluation and receive a signed certification from the doctor, you can register with the state and receive a patient registry card valid for 2 YEARS. A follow-up with the doctor is necessary to establish a bona fide doctor-patient relationship and a section 8 defense. (as required by HB 4851 Bona Fide Relationship.)

We recommend scheduling your medical card renewal within 1-3 months before your medical card expires.

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