Michigan medical card

Michigan Medical Marijuanas Card

michigan medical card
michigan medical marijuana card

Med card Michigan certification with Greenlight Wellness

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Same-day MMJ card approval
  • Licensed doctors
  • Get approved via 15-minute video chat or phone call
  • Full Service. We complete the state application for you
  • Discuss Medical Marijuana with the Doctor

Growing Your Own Plants

Having a medical marijuanas card allows you to grow and harvest your own plants. This can be beneficial if you want to be self-sufficient or want to save money on your medication.

Patient Discounts

Most Dispensaries offer 1st-time patients and ongoing discounts that can amount to 50%+

MI Cannabis Possession Limits

Possess up to 2.5 ounces of dried marijuana at any given time.

Legal protection

1. Valid marijuana registry identification card are “not subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty” as defined in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
2. Caregivers with a valid registry identification aren’t “subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner” if they adhere to the law

Purchasing Cannabis from a state-approved Dispensary

Purchase medical grade marijuana from a licensed medical dispensary. This ensures that the cannabis you’re purchasing is safe and of high quality.


Marijuana Card Holders do NOT pay the 10% Excise tax

Valid Michigan Medical marijaunas card prevents you from getting unemployment benefits denied

The Michigan Court ruled in favor of resident medical patients receiving unemployment benefits when they maintain an active card med card.

How much does a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card cost?

  • New Patient and Renewals: $159
  • Minor Patient: $100 per consultation
    Michigan law requires minor new patients and renewals to be certified by 2 different doctors to get approved or renewed. (Please call with any questions.)
  • Veteran new patient and renewal: $144 ($15 off)

Pricing includes doctor consultation, state fee, and the filing fee for a same-day card. Check out the benefits of having a medical card.

Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card Online in 15 minutes!

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Greenlight's Service is Unparalleled
We are a "Full Service Botique" Card Clinic All State Fees, Processing fees, and Dr. fees are included as well as Registry Maintenance for your 2 Year License.

Same Day Medical Card Pricing

Includes the $40 State of MI Fee

New and Renewing Patients


Minor Dr. Fee Only


Veterans discount

$10 off

Corporate Referral Discounts

Call to inquire

Method Of Payment Due at Time of Service

Credit/Debit,Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay

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Clinic Hours

Monday- Friday


Weekends and Early Am Appointments

Available upon request

Clinic hours are hours in which Doctor sees patients