Michigan caregivers should know:

  • caregiver is a person who has agreed to grow or provide marijuana to a particular patient as needed.
  • A patient is not required to designate a caregiver.
  • In order to be a caregiver, you must have a clean record. A background check is done every time you are listed on an application. (even if you are reapplying after receiving a denial letter. The state has removed the $25 fee. 
  • A caregiver can not have a drug or violent-related felony EVER while other felonies must be more than 10 years prior.
  • A caregiver is designated or assigned on a patient’s state application.
  • A caregiver may have up to 5 patients assigned at the same time.
  • A caregiver is allowed to possess and grow up to 12 plants for each patient they provide for.
  • The caregiver is allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana for each patient.
  • A caregiver may only provide transfer of cannabis with their registered caregivers. 
  • A caregiver is never to SELL medical marijuana however, a caregiver may collect financial reimbursement for his time and expenses in cultivating the medicine.
  • A caregiver may release a patient as their cannabis provider at any time during the two-year registry period by filling out a caregiver change form ($10 FEE). Similarly, patients may release themselves from their caregiver at any time by filling out a patient change form. ($10 FEE)