Renewal Patient Office Visit

Need a medical card renewed?

Medical Card Renewal in 15 minutes

What is Included in a medical card renewal?

  • Patient assessment, review of medical history, and treatment progress by licensed MD or DO
  • Signed physician re-certification
  • Personalized Consultation with our Knowledgeable Consultants. Q & A  such as: State processes and laws, patients’ Rights and responsibilities, document preparation and completion, prepared envelope ready to mail to the State, information packet, etc.
  • Full-Service Mailing Service Offered
  • Follow Up services and support.

Medical Card Discounts: We offer reduced rates for groups of 4 or more, Veterans and Returning Greenlight Patients

Follow up services and support

Need a Letter of Medical Neccessity For Medical Marijuana Consumption?

Letter of medical necessity for any legal letter, court, unemployment benefits, employer, and anyone else that needs to legally verify that you are our patient and that medical marijuana is your medicine.  Cost- $75

How much does a medical card renewal cost?

  • Full-Service Expedited Medical Card Renewal –  $159 
  • Minors – $100 per consultation. Michigan law requires minor medical card renewals to be approved by 2 different doctors. (call us with any questions)
  • Veteran price – $149
  • Veterans discount – $10 off

Cost includes doctor evaluation, state fee, and the filing fee for a same-day renewal card. 

What do you need for your medical card appointment?

Drivers license or State Id, MMMP registry card for renewals even if already expired, medical records, or diagnostic reports.

What to expect for your medical card appointment?

Check-in: Complete brief patient history forms and the required State applications.

Michigan state application fee:  $40 (the card is good for two years). Our medical card fee is “all-inclusive” and the $40 fee is included. 

Physician Evaluation: The evaluation is conducted individually in a private office. The Doctor will review medical history and past treatment. All relevant health information is considered to determine potential medical benefits and re-qualification. The doctor will then re-certify you if you qualify. 

Consultation: After the evaluation is completed, you are provided a consultation by an MMJ Consultant. This includes: Complete State Form  Preparation and Mailing Instructions

Full Service Mailing Option is provided for those who don’t want the hassle.

It is important you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient or caregiver, the best consumption methods to medicate based on your condition, and recommended strains. Alternative therapies are available because sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t work. Our goal is to support your optimal overall health. Follow-up and Support are always available.