Legal/probation letter

Do you have a legal issue, or is your probation officer requiring supporting documentation to validate your medical card? You have RIGHTS!

Greenlight can help!

People on probation or with legal issues that want to use medical marijuana in Michigan need additional documentation to satisfy the court or probation requirements.


The purpose of a legal letter for medical marijuana and probation in Michigan is to provide proof of a patient’s medical condition and to support their medical marijuana card.

Can a physician prescribe a specific dosage or strain of medical marijuana in Michigan?

No, a physician cannot prescribe or recommend specific dosages or strains of medical marijuana in Michigan.

What medical records are required to write a court/probation letter in Michigan?

Medical records that include the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, and treatments are required to write a court/probation letter in Michigan.

Yes, it is necessary to have a legal letter from a physician if you are on probation and using medical marijuana in Michigan.

I am on probation and need an additional letter documenting why I need a med card. Can you assist me?

Yes, we can write the letter after reviewing medical records to satisfy the court or your probation officer’s mandate to help keep you compliant!

The cost of writing a legal letter for medical marijuana consumption for the courts or probation with proper certification and medical records is $75.

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Get My Probation/Legal Letter

Protection Package

You have rights! If you are facing legal issues, you can still use Medical Marijuana… and Greenlight can help!  In Feb.2021, People vs. Thue, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that Medical Marijuana Card holders can continue to use Marijuana while on Probation, as long as they are compliant with the MMMA. In addition to offering same-day medical cards, we also assist cannabis patients on probation or who are out on bond who need a legal letter to validate their medical card. With our “Protection Package” our services include a thorough review of the patient’s medical records, a written legal letter from a licensed physician, and a New/Renewal Certification to keep you compliant with the MMMA.

It's important that you know your legal rights so if you are unsure please call us and we will be glad to help.

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