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Want to be one of the first people to get a North Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

The Compassionate Care Act,  “Senate Bill 3 (SB3),” was passed in the Senate and now has to be approved in the House before the Governor signs it into law. If you are considering getting approved for legal medical marijuana use Pre-Register now and you can be one of the first in the state to get approved. Call us if you have questions.

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What to know about your appointment

All Appointments are conducted via telemedicine for your safety and convenience.

  • You will receive an email confirming your appointment. Please confirm receipt and respond with any questions. 
  • Please locate and provide proof of diagnosis and medical history. Upload them on intake forms, fax or email them. If they aren’t in your possession, please request them from your doctor. As a courtesy, we can request them on your behalf if you complete a medical release form.
  • Complete your new patient intake form easily in a few minutes on any device 24 hours prior to your appointment. 
  • Have an N.C. driver’s license, N.C state ID, or voter registration available to qualify for an N.C. medical card.
  • We use as our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. At your appointment time, we will send you a link inviting you into the virtual waiting room. No downloads are needed!
  • Payment is due prior to your appointment.
  • Payments Accepted- Cash, Credit, Debit, or CASH APP. 
Our friendly staff is happy to help during any stage in the process
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Why Love Greenlight Cannabis Doctors?

We take care in making your cannabis card certification process a quick and easy experience. Our friendly physicians understand your time is valuable and ensure your telemedicine visit does not take more time than necessary. 

Our compassionate staff has 13+ years of experience expediting the registration process within your state and is dedicated to getting you certified ASAP.

We take time to answer all of your questions and treat you with the care and respect you deserve as a medical cannabis patient. 

Count on us for continued care renewals and follow-up visits. We promise to make it a breeze.

The Greenlight difference is care and convenience in times when it might matter most.

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