Alzheimer's and Marijuana

Medical marijuana helps with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a is a terrible, unpredictable brain disease disorder that eventually destroys memory and thinking. It is debilitating it prevents those with the disease from being able to handle even simple tasks. Its estimated that three out of four cases occur by the time someone reaches their 70’s or 80’s

Most often, those with late-onset symptoms appear between ages 60–65 and early onset of alzheimer’s can occur in a persons 30’s-40’s. Dementia is common to with alzheimer’s. Its estimated that over six million americansover the age of 65 may have the disease while many more under 65 remain undiagnosed.

THC as medicine for treating for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

In lab experiments, scientists found THC was significantly better at disrupting the abnormal clumping of malformed proteins. THC might inhibit an enzyme, AChE, that is linked to Alzheimer’s. AChE is known to help accelerate the formation of abnormal protein clumps in the brain, known as amyloid plaques, during Alzheimer’s.

CBD and THC maybe be useful in treating AD because they may potentially suppress several of the main causing factors. If you have, think you may have, or want to check for a loved one then you should consider consulting a marijuana doctor that can help provide a marijuana treatment plan to manage symptoms.

The two main drugs currently approved by doctors to treat Alzheimer’s illness are donepezil and tacrine.  The two FDA-approved drugs only reduced clumping by only 22% and 7%, respectively at twice the concentration of THC used in the tests.

Invitro and in vivo studies suggest compelling evidence that cannabis use may be a good therapeutic approach for Alzheimer’s disease. 

Alzheimer's And Marijuana

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