Cancer and Cannabis

Cannabis may help fight cancer

We have has been fighting cancer for decades. Chemotherapy has been one of the main treatments but it’s not very effective in treating the disease. Conventional chemotherapy drugs are highly toxic as they indiscriminately damage the brain and body. Side effects sometimes make people sicker with many unwanted side effects frequently.  Chemotherapy literally kills the disease while killing your good cells as well. There is a chance that your cells could recover from being damaged by chemo but there is no guarantee. 

Researchers found evidence showing “cannabinoids”  such as cannabidiol (CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC) found within marijuana slowed the growth rate of tumors by inhibiting formation of new blood cell populations “feeding” the tumors. Cancer patients say that marijuana improves symptoms like nausea and chronic pain and the best part is it does it without harming healthy cell tissues like chemotherapy does due to its indiscrimately high toxicity potentially doing more harm than good to the human body.