Weight Limits Conversion Chart

Retroactively in effect December 2016

Each patient is allowed a total of 2.5 oz. of usable marihuana. (in the dried form)
​A caregiver is allowed a total of 2.5oz. usable marihuana per registered patient.
(c) For purposes of determining usable marihuana equivalency, the following shall be considered equivalent to 1 ounce of usable marihuana:

Marhjuana-infused product in liquid form

36 fl. Oz.= 1 oz.   
​Max. 90 fl. Oz.

Marihuana-infused product in solid form

16 oz. = 1 oz.  
​Max. 40 oz

Marihuana-infused product in gaseous form

7 gr =1 oz.  
​Max. 17.5 gr

* Remember, when transporting any product, you must store it in an enclosed trunk, or in a locked box in the rear of the vehicle. It must not be within reach. Illegal transporting is subject to $500 fine, and 93 days in jail.

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