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Michigan online Marijuana cards expedited

Greenlight wellness marijuana doctors and medical card clinic has been operating since 2010 and we have approved over 40K patients throughout Michigan. Whether you need a renewal or you are a first-time medical card customer we promise to make it simple!

Fastest Medical Card Approval in Michigan

We understand that patients with an approved medical condition don’t like waiting when they need a medical card.  When you need quick entry access to a state-approved dispensary we make it happen, quickly! We offer same-day full-service medical cards. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, fill out patient forms and answer the phone when we call for your appointment.

Most clinics that have a medical card service will approve you and then leave you in limbo to fill out, submit and correspond with the state. That puts you at risk of getting your application rejected. When you get your medical card with Greenlight Wellness marijuana doctors we take care of all correspondence and document submissions with the state of Michigan. 

That means once you are certified by our MMJ doctor your medical card is guaranteed, worry-free the way it should be! Don’t you agree?

Have more questions? Here are some more Michigan Medical card FAQ.

Same-day medical cards

100% Medical Card approval guaranteed or your money back