Michigan Medical Marijuana Doctors

Michigan Marijuana Doctors

What is a marijuana doctor?

A marijuana doctor primarily performs patient evaluations to determine if someone qualifies for cannabis and if the therapeutic benefits outweigh the risks that can be associated with the consumption. 

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Other Names For A Marijuana Doctor:

  • Cannabis doctor
  • Weed doctor
  • Medical card doctor
  • 420 doc
  • MMJ doctor
  • Pot doctor
  • Canna doctor
  • Docs of cannabis
  • THC doctor
  • Cannabis doc
  • Maryjane doctor
  • MMJ card doctor
  • Marihuana Doctor
  • Pot Doc

When it comes to getting approved for a medical marijuana (MMJ) card, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. One of the biggest is that any medical provider can prescribe it. In Michigan, only Medical Doctors (MD) or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) who have completed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification process and hold an active license with the Michigan Board of Medicine are able to recommend cannabis.

Verify if your physician has been approved by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Differences between weed doctors and traditional medical doctors?

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  • They are educated on cannabis as a medicine
  • They assess and determine if cannabis may be an effective treatment for a patient’s medical condition
  • They conduct a cannabis evaluation
  • They can approve a patient for a Michigan medical card
  • They may create a personalized marijuana treatment plan. 
  • Traditional MDs or DOs normally only prescribe FDA-approved medications.
  • Michigan marijuana doctors “recommend” marijuana not prescribe it.
  • They should offer guidance on strains, products, consumption methods, and dosing.
  • They will discuss the benefits of cannabis and contraindications
  • They should discuss becoming a Michigan medical marijuana caregiver 
  • They are familiar with MI marijuana FAQs


Michigan MMJ Doctors

Marijuana Doctors must:

  • Establish a bona fide patient relationship
  • Review and complete a full assessment of the patient’s medical history, medical records, and medical condition
  • Conduct a medical evaluation.
  • The physician must create and maintain records of the patient’s condition in accordance with medically accepted standards. 
  • Physicians must make a reasonable effort to offer follow-up care to monitor the efficacy of the medical marihuana treatment for the patient’s medical condition. 
  • With the patient’s permission, offer to notify the patient’s primary care doctor.

Criteria to consider when selecting a Marijuana Doctor:

  • Are you an experienced cannabis user? 
  • Is this your first time using marijuana medically?
  • What combination of cannabinoids like THC and CBD you will need for symptom relief?
  • What dose and potency will you need?
  • What consumption method is best for your lifestyle?
  • How frequently will you need to consume cannabis?

How do marijuana doctors help their Patients?

Diligent medical marijuana providers will work with their patients to create a marijuana treatment plan that suits them best. Their treatment plans will take into account best practices to achieve the desired results like:

  • Best strains to treat your medical condition
  • Methods of consumption
  • Consumption time(s) and frequency 
  • Dosing  and Titration 
  • Lifestyle

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A great marijuana doctor is committed to continually monitoring the patient's progress while also making necessary adjustments like titrating up or down.

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Medical marijuana treatment is a lifesaver for many patients and a cannabis doctor should make sure patients who need a medical card are approved and can legally access medical cannabis. If you’re considering medical marijuana as a treatment option, be sure to seek out a certified Michigan marijuana doctor.

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